Nurses Coming home for christmas??? Considering a move home in the New Year???

Nurses Coming home for christmas??? Considering a move home in the New Year???

Eflexes Nursing are here to help you with your move home in 2014


Nursing opportunities in the Private and Voluntary sector in Ireland.

Nursing opportunities in the Private and Voluntary sector in Ireland.

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The Private and Voluntary Nursing sector in Ireland has undergone major expansion over the past 15 years. During booming economic times it was seen as a much sought after option for medical care.  However this expansion has unfortunately been restrained by what some would say is a shortage of qualified dedicated Irish nurses. This shortage has been due in some instances to graduate and experienced nurses moving to the UK, Canada and Australia over the past 6 years.

The nursing home sector has benefited the most from the influx of non Irish nurses who have delivered an exceptionally high level of nursing to Irish residents. It is now our Irish nurses who are seeking these opportunities elsewhere.

But do Irish qualified nurses truly know the opportunities of the private sector in Ireland?

Here is an insight into a list of the opportunities given to 5 Irish nurses working in the private nursing home sector in Ireland in the last 3 years. From speaking with them they documented how they had grown and developed and cherished the roles they were in. They also admitted that this nursing is not easy but remarked ‘what nursing is easy?’

Flexibility in working hours to suit childcare needs.
Autonomy in the care delivered to each patient.
Training provided throughout the year with new courses provided every 6 months free of charge.
Opportunity to take your holidays when you need to and not have to reorganize around a large department of staff
Opportunities to pursue shift structures which suit you and your family and personal circumstances.
Continued support from your DoN and CNM towards developing your career and skills daily.
Part of a large group of care staff which we consider to be family at this stage.
A rewarding career that offers a real sense of achievement when you help people over a long period of time.
Competitive hourly rates with review by annually
Structure in your day which offers security and reassurance of your workload and targets.
Diversity in the array and level of care required among new patients.
A challenging role which is very rewarding
Opportunities to connect with families and relatives and bring change into their loved ones lives.
Worked very close to my home and had the chance to care for the local community.
Partake in masters and postgraduates studies which require time off work.
Continued stimulation from residents which show true appreciation for the care they receive.

From speaking with nurses of varying qualifications and experience it has become clear that there is one reoccurring insight.



‘You get out what you put in’

If you look upon the gerontology sector in this light you will truly get to see the benefits and rewards that can be obtained. Be open-minded and look beyond stereotypes. Look to nursing as what you make it, make your difference and offer back to the people who once offered to all of us.

If you would like to share some of your thoughts on this please feel free to comment below.

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